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Torque Converter Rebuilds & Repairs

Specialist equipment to recondition these crucial components

Automatic transmissions cannot operate without torque converters. It allows the vehicle to remain stationary while the engine runs and can multiply torque when you accelerate. Often problems that appear to be related to the auto trans are actually caused by torque converter failure.

The torque converter is a fluid coupling between the engine and the auto transmission. In simple terms, it uses the torque from the engine to turn vanes (the pump or impeller) to move fluid inside the housing. The flow of moving fluid against them then causes other vanes (the turbine) to move, much in the way wind makes a windmill turn. The faster the pump turns, the more pressure the fluid exerts, so the turbine turns faster. However, the two components do not necessarily need to rotate at the same speed. The turbine is connected to the rotating shaft that transfers torque to the auto transmission.

To improve efficiency, a stator separates fluid that flows in different directions inside the torque converter. Modern cars also often feature a lockup clutch that kicks in when the pump and turbine run at the same speed. This avoids energy loss through slippage, improving fuel efficiency.

It is crucial to the performance of your vehicle that the torque converter works as designed.


To get your torque converter repaired or rebuilt by the experts, contact Viber transmission today to get a quote.

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